Can Moles Cause Harm?

Moles are known to cause rabies like bats do. If a mole infected with rabies bites a individual it may be time to contact Melbourne Wildlife Control and let them handle it!Animal, Mole, Garden, Meadow, Molehill

Moles cause destruction to your yard. When moles burrow, they dig and leave holes. When it rains, the dirt is easily eroded from the water.

Mounds caused by moles can be harmful to people since walking and playing on unleveled ground can cause you to fall.

As much as the moles have negative effects, they have something positive to talk about too. Moles eat pests that are harmful to the plant roots such as cutworms, wire worms, and leather jackets.

Moles are also a nuisance to humans, and you are not allowed to kill them. In certain states it is illegal to kill a mole! It is advisable that you research the best ways to keep the moles out of your yard and get rid of them. You can put obstacles in your yard like flower gardens so the moles cannot get in. A well maintained lawn brings moles because it is evidence that there are a lot of worms, which is a source of food to the moles.

You may even get a pet that does not get along with moles. Cats especially are a known enemy of them. The fact is that moles dislike cat waste and kitty litter. Try pouring kitty litter in the opening of the tunnels and the moles will be a thing of the past.

Moles are afraid of scents. If you spray castor oil onto the lawn and in the tunnels, the moles will run away. You will want to water the lawn before spraying it. Castor oil will stay on the yard until it is swept away by rains and then you won’t have a moles in your yard.

A rather unusual method of keeping moles way from your yard is to place human hair in the tunnels. Moles hate the smell of hair and human odor so they will run away.