How to Get Rid of Coyotes

Coyotes have been a mild irritation to homeowners and livestock owners for centuries, but today they’ve become a downright nuisance. There are a growing number of encounters between coyotes and individuals for several reasons in the last few decades. Coyotes have learned how to live and thrive in close proximity to people.

Another reason why coyotes are getting to be more of a challenge is the growth of human territory. As we continue to tear down habitats and drive their normal prey animals to extinction, coyotes are forced to encroach upon our land seeking food.

Coyotes prey upon younger and weaker animals than themselves like raccoons. Be sure to have Melbourne Animal Removal come out to make sure they are’t the prey. If you live in a rural area that’s near a field or suburban area, coyotes might be a legitimate threat to your pets. Coyotes can attack your pet and cause serious harm or pass on deadly diseases, infections, and parasites through spit and scratches. While most coyotes do not approach individuals, a sick or diseased coyote can attack people in the area.Coyote, Wildlife, Nature, Park, Wild

Coyotes will also prey upon small livestock animals. Their main targets are birds like chickens and ducks, but they might also attempt to attack and kill calves and cows. Coyotes can do this since they hunt in packs and will track down larger prey as their pack numbers rise. Coyotes are a significant problem and if you suffer from them attacking pets, livestock or you suspect there’s a diseased coyote in the region, you want to care for the problem right away.

-There are plenty of repellents out on the market which promise to discourage coyotes from arriving on your premises. These claims are misleading since they may work for a couple of days and then become completely ineffective. You’ll have to reapply the repellent consistently and it costs more money than it’s worth.

-One of the very best tactics to get coyotes off your premises once and for all is to exclude them from your property. You can do this by building a sturdy fence that is buried no less than a foot underground and also extends several feet over ground to discourage them by jumping over or digging under the fence. This is obviously not possible for individuals with large pieces of land.

-Along these same lines, an excellent method to get coyotes away from your house is to keep your yard clean. Don’t keep large pieces of equipment in your lawn, cut any tall grass, and trim all the trees and bushes on your property. This takes away all the areas that the coyotes like to hide. If they don’t feel protected they will probably find a new hunting ground.

-You can attempt to trap the coyote, however this is hard to do. Coyotes are extremely skittish about anything they have not seen before and if they have even a hint of human scent on the trap , they won’t go anywhere near it. You can mask the scent by setting it using latex gloves on, but unless the coyote is desperate for the bait, it most likely won’t go in. It is also dangerous to go up to a caged coyote since they will most likely react with aggression.

The safest and simplest way to eliminate coyotes is to call a professional. Check your states regulations and get in touch with a wildlife removal bureau or the humane society if the matter with the coyotes is getting out of control.